Keanu reeves sandra bullock dating

female intruders paid a visit to the 50-year-old actor's Hollywood Hills, Calif., home, he was understandably alarmed!

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"You are one of a kind and you are definitely, definitely hot! I've tried to kiss you, successfully and unsuccessfully.

" co-star Matthew Mc Conaughey also showed up to dote on the 49-year-old actress. I've been directed by you, in a short film and also to the exit of many bars," the 44-year-old actor, who was the Guys Choice Man of the Year, said of his former girlfriend.

“Sandra has everything a woman could want in life — except a good man,” a friend of the star said.

May 24 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Keanu and Charlize have been spotted together on a romantic evening-again.

"Sandy, here is to your Decade of Hotness." Then, it was Bullock's time to talk.

Donning beauty queen attire much like her character in , the actress began, "It really should be Decade of Hot Mess-- that I can own.

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) “They were very affectionate,” an insider said of the new couple at Jen and Justin's backyard nuptials.

Charlize and Keanu were said to have left a restaurant together in Beverly Hills on Monday night.

They were seen by a fellow diner at an upscale eatery and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company tremendously and looked to be in no hurry to end the date.

Sandra Bullock is now dating Keanu Reeves in what appears to have metamorphosed from a platonic relationship to romantic and sexual love.

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