Kevin cheng and charmaine sheh dating

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎)and rumored ex-flame, model Jenny Tsui (徐靖雯), appeared at the premiere of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol in Hong Kong yesterday. Regarding rumors that Kevin and Jenny were back together, he smiled, “Last time, reporters asked me who Jenny’s boyfriend was. She also congratulated me in winning the Best Actor Award.” Rampant rumors circulated recently that Kevin and rumored, ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh ( 佘詩曼), had reconciled their relationship.

Kevin smiled, “After winning awards, more people care about my love life. We are not back together; it is not reconciliation!

Last night, Charmaine Sheh attended an event and when asked about the rumored love triangle between ex-rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow and Christine Kuo? (It was rumored he and Niki are getting back together.) I have no comment. She said: "A gentleman."Asked if she joined a new company?

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I really wish to collaborate one more time with Charmaine.""She is a very professional actress.

I have to shoot a TV series in mainland, but I hope there will be an opportunity some time after I return next year," the actor added.

Charmaine said that she would celebrate Mother’s Day with her family by having a dinner.

Asked if she had time for dating, Charmaine said, “I am not dating now, and so, I have more time to rest.

” The reporter laughed and noted that the term, “reconciliation” implied that Kevin and Charmaine had dated in the past.

Kevin said embarrassedly, “I am just using the word usage, ‘reconciliation’ that the tabloid magazine had used. ” Jenny Tsui indicated that she did not know that Kevin was scheduled to appear at the Mission Impossible 4 film premiere.

Jenny said that she did not feel awkward upon seeing Kevin.

Asked if she were concerned that her current boyfriend would be jealous, Jenny replied, “No, he also works in the entertainment industry.

Although Sheh answered most of the questions regarding the latest installment of her movie, most viewers notice how Chan avoided in talking to Sheh.

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