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Nikki introduced their new fur baby on Instagram, snuggling up to the cat for a sweet selfie. "PLEASE Adopt Adopt Adopt."Ian's got his money where his mouth is on this one.

"Went to the animal shelter today to give some love to the babies living in cages and don't have homes and ended up adopting the little girl! " Ian tweeted a link to Nikki's post, proudly giving his own introduction to "the newest addition to the family! The animal advocate has a whole menagerie of rescued animals—including his beloved dog Nietzsche, who he adopted just over a year ago, not knowing at the time that she was pregnant!

Thank you for giving so much of your life and for being a strong voice for those whom can speak.

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Imagine having that double fold and outside of high school; that was me.

Growing into a transgender identity isn’t a quick and magical process many people imagine, rather, it’s a very long and awkward transition.

The HD video shows the white fluffy cat as it attempts to flee the clutches of an excited Maltese Terrier.

In the video the adorable canine jumps from the leather couch it was perched on and chases the cat down a hallway.

Landing just in fornt of the dog the cat narrowly makes a clean getaway around the corner.

The video was uploaded to You Tube by Katherine Howat who boasts more videos of her beloved pets on her account.Upgrade units also tend to have theoretically infinite levels, but their increasing cost causes Diminishing Returns for Balance.More complicated Idle Games tend to have multiple currencies to make the purchasing decisions for upgrades more complex.This is emblematic for the teenage stage of life where you think everyone is always watching you.Appearances matter, especially how you dress, your hair, your face.Because active play isn't the primary strategy, sometimes the best 'move' is counter-intuitive — one that provides an immediate benefit to active play doesn't pay off as well in the long run during idle times as another one that has a less-noticeable immediate effect but is more effective during idle play.

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