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Jordan wants to call me, he totally can.” Tom Hiddleston’s name also came into the equation, though Lea wasn’t *so* keen on the idea of dating him, explaining: “He’s got too much going on, Tom Hiddleston. An insider revealed that their relationship is still in its early stages, saying that “It’s new.” The couple were spotted going on a dinner date on Monday to Milo & Olive in Santa Monica, and an onlooker said they looked super sweet together!

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And not to be overshadowed, Stamos reminded us all that he dated Paula Abdul, joking that "Cold Hearted Snake" was written about him.

Ellen De Generes was on a mission to find a new love interest for Lea Michele when the actress appeared on her chat show, roping her in for a game of ‘Who’d You Rather’.

Jordan, who came out on top for quite some time - though not until the very end.

Not that she’s ruling him out altogether, telling Ellen: “If Michael B.

We talked about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do.

There's something about the colour pale blue that is universally flattering but this dress by Preen doesn't just rely on colour to pack a serious style punch.

But Stamos was unfamiliar with Swift's "Back to December" and wanted answers on the song—so Michele filled him in, attempting to sing the lyrics, "Something about, 'If I would have known/ I wouldn't have done that / I'll make you a hat.."The confusion continued on as Michele and Stamos struggled to uncover the mystery of Lautner and Swift's non-existent hat: "It's like your hat..December!

" Michele said, to which Lautner finally gave in and helped the others out with the song title, "It's called 'Back to December.'"Then more ridiculousness ensued as the trio determined whether Swift's song about Lautner was angry or not.

Michele is known for playing Rachel Berry on the Fox series Glee (2009–2015), for which she received a Satellite Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three consecutive People's Choice Awards.

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