Lesbian dating and sex tips

But you know what I've learned after a decade of giving — and receiving — oral sex to and from women? Some women like it soft and gentle; other women like it hot and fast.

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“Because she’s butch.”My friend sat back in her chair.

“But, I thought that meant she would make the first move.”I still claim my laugh was of the gentle, accepting variety.“You sound like Ursula the Sea-witch,” she said. ”My friend isn’t some recently-out nineteen-year-old. She’s had her share of long term relationships; she’s been to the Michigan Women’s Festival, for Christ sake.

And nothing can make her scream with passion like oral. And girls cannot, I repeat, cannot, come when they're feeling self-conscious. Sometimes I will be so sexually aroused by a woman that I just WANT TO DIVE IN AND EAT HER OUT. She should be pulling her hair out of her head, willing and eager to sell her first-born child just to have your precious lips and tongue on her precious parts. If it comes easy and quickly, we deem it cheap (this is why girls have an adverse reaction to the sale rack). Slowly touch the top of her with your hands LIGHTLY over her underwear. Go back up to the top and kiss her on the mouth again, and then kiss her entire body, slowly and sensually.

“She’s butch,” my newly single friend said, as if that explained everything.“Right,” I nodded, because I thought it did.“didn’the.” She spoke as if to a three-year-old, albeit one moonlighting as a psychotherapist.“Right,” I said.

We met a few months ago after I offered you my unsolicited dating and sex advice, in an article entitled “Lez Get You Laid: Sex And Dating Tips For Men From A Lesbian.” If you read that gorgeous, wise little article, then you know me, and you know I'm totally on your side.

If you don't know me, let me give you a brief introduction: My name is Zara Barrie, and I'm a full-blast, lady-loving lesbian. It's recently come to my attention that some of you may be a little intimidated about going down on a woman…or just not know what the f*ck you're doing. The first time I ever went down on a girl (sophomore year of high school, I think? I mean, the vagina is like this mystical holy grail that unlocks the secrets to the ever-expansive universe.Especially when I helpfully unfolded it post-coitus. Websites have FAQ’s, appliances have manuals, why must the intricacies of lesbian dating practices be learned on the fly?I’ve polled a group of Lesbian Dating Experts (Read: random Facebook friends) to create a comprehensive — rather than a FAQ let’s call it a FUCT (Frequent Unfortunate and Confusing Truisms)**Note to Grumpy Lesbians: I’m certain many of you do not fit these stereotypes (No, I’m not.). She’ll text you “I want you to do me in the bathroom,” but she’ll offer her cheek when you go to kiss her goodnight. If she says “No one could ever really love me,” for God sake believe her. She says, “I want it to be special; let’s wait.” She means “I have intimacy issues.”She says “I just want to hold you.” She means “I’m actually straight.”If she says she likes sex because it “I don’t know, just…feels good,” run.Step outside of your box and out of the norm and try one or more of these alternative Valentine ideas for lesbians.Often times a first date means meeting up for a drink or cocktail. What are some fun first date (or any date) ideas for people who do not drink?Since then we’ve seen one another a few times and she’s always been really chatty. I ran it by Kim when we were talking about crushes, not really thinking anything of it, but Kim got super jealous and told me she’d prefer if I didn’t ask her old crush out.

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