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There's some speculation as to his role in the upcoming events in Sn K as well. Edit: I'm not sure why, but there's been a sudden surge in hits on this?The comment's section has gotten a little ridiculous, so I'd prefer if stuff was directed at my writing blog: theplatypusquacks. Levi’s a classic jerk who secretly really cares, slathered in badass and sprinkled liberally with sass.

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Thank you for writing this beautiful, and adventurous story I can wait to read more of your works! I'm glad I made your year lol but no need to thank me it's a really good story.

\(•◡•)/ (~˘▾˘)~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ*Falls over* That was such a roller coaster! I am half scared and half excited to read more of your fics. (This story is one of my faves to get comments on because it was my first chapter fiction, so I love it like a child. I don't normally feel stuff when I'm reading other than a random lol at farting Titan ideas, which was totally my idea, but when I do feel stuff that means it got to my heart.

He’s not a dynamic character like Jean, Mikasa or Armin. He exists as pure wish-fulfillment for the reader, without any of the deconstructive caveats that give nuance and depth to other characters in the series. Like Levi, she’s highly effective at killing titans, but it’s more or less stated that she underwent so much psychological trauma during her kidnapping it shattered the natural physical limitations of her body (demonstrated when she crushes the floorboard with her foot at the age of eight).

He’s a senior Scouting officer and has already undergone all his character development off-screen. The euphoric rush the reader feels from watching Mikasa kill titans is tempered by the reminder that the reason she can do this is partially because of the suffering she underwent as a child.

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(Though there is a second story in the works for this Reader-Chan and her Levi)I hope it went in a way that was satisfying.

I really thoroughly enjoyed writing my first fic for AOT/first fic on DA/first reader fic/first chapter fic/first Levi fic. If you liked it and want to read the other parts: Here's the Beginning:: Infuriating Man (Part 1) (Levi x Reader) And the previous Chapter:: If you are looking for Part 23, someone reported it and it was removed, but you can still read it on my Ao3 account located here- archiveofourown.org/works/5081…If you prefer to scroll through, here's the link to the gallery where they are located:thatgingahninja.deviantart.com…*Comments rock my whole freaking world! Lmao I did an all nighter and I and glad I decided to do it.

It’s an infallible recipe for a popular character, and Levi is helped along by the fact that he is quite pretty.

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