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It was later practiced well into the 20th century by Black civic, political and social organizations.

If you look at Black media, read studies and listened to our friends and family you can still see it alive and well today.

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If colorism is the child of White supremacy then light skin privilege is its grand child.

During the antebellum period, colorism was used to divide the house slaves, who were usually the off spring of the slave masters, from the field slaves who were dark skin.

Because to me how dark or light your skin should not dictate who you date.

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

Look at how black she is." Those words, delivered by my third-grade teacher jolted me from the idyllic world that children should be afforded, and catapulted me into a world where the issues of racism and colorism would often consume me.

This is the story of how an attack against a "dark girl" left a light-skinned black man emotionally scarred.

Here are some natural home remedies for glowing skin. It helps to reduce the dark spots and also helps in getting rid of the blemishes. While you are applying lemon, don’t expose yourself to sunlight.

Lemon and honey make a good combination which helps you lighten your skin. If you have a dry skin, you can try a combination of honey with cucumber juice.

" Indeed, constructs such as racism and colorism can reduce one to a state of frustration, confusion and despair, one that when trying to explain their impact, leaves you vulnerable to those who don't understand, and stuck constantly trying to make order of the internal conflicts one may experience.

My mother gave birth to eleven children, with me being the baby of the bunch.

s was discussed in “Where did the human races come from?

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