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The Internal Revenue Service requires a recipient of a cash liquidating distribution to record the amount he receives on Line 8 of Form 1099-DIV.For the IRS to view a cash liquidating distribution as taxable to its recipient, the amount received must exceed the taxpayer's basis in the corporation's stock.

Distributions Historical Breakdown Distributions to stockholders are characterized for federal income tax purposes as: (i) ordinary income; (ii) non-taxable return of capital; or (iii) long-term capital gain.

Distributions that exceed the Company’s current and accumulated tax earnings and profits constitute a return of capital and reduce the stockholders’ basis in the common shares.

Distributions to the shareholder are not included in the shareholder’s gross income to the extent that the distribution does not exceed the shareholder’s basis in the stock.

Because the tax consequences of distributions depend on the shareholder’s basis, it is important to keep up with changes in the shareholder’s basis over time.

To the extent that a distribution exceeds both current and accumulated earnings and profits and the stockholders’ basis in the common shares, the distributions will generally be treated as a gain from the sale or exchange of such stockholders’ common shares.

At the beginning of each year, the Company notifies its stockholders of the taxability of the distributions paid during the preceding year.

When a corporation liquidates its assets in part or in entirety, the corporation may issue liquidating distributions, also known as liquidating dividends, to its stockholders.

A corporation may render noncash liquidating distributions, cash liquidating dividends or both.

While there are some differences, the S corporation basis system is similar to the rules that apply to partnerships.

The tax consequences of distributions by an S corporation to a shareholder depend on the shareholder’s basis in the S corporation stock.

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