Live mesh not updating

ZBrush4R8 takes making large, broad adjustments to any sculpt easy with the new deformation modifiers.

Live mesh not updating

I’d also love to hear how you are using it and what your plans for for using it in the future.

I have used live sync for years, it has been upgraded with live mesh.

Other Info love my wacom pen and pressure sensitivity... I can access my massive desktop rig from my macbook at school without booting into my Win7 partition!

wished it worked in 7, SUSE for that matter though Microsoft is on a roll. MS is getting way outside its box lately, and I'm loving it. technically you are not acessing it from your desktop but from your live spaces account but i know what you are saying...

With cloud computing being such a hot topic, I thought I’d look at Live Mesh specifically and in comparison with Sync and Sky Drive. Through Mesh, you can store files online to access them from any computer.

You can also sync local files or folders stored on any PC, so those files appear in your Mesh and on any machines you include in the sync.

There are options to rotate relative to the surface normal or world axis and much more.

The new Gizmo 3D transformation tool will allow multi-selection and manipulation of Sub Tools.

However, recently the One Note folders won't update although other documents are updating ok.

I've tried unsynching and resynching and just trying to synch on two of the computers.

To do that, double-click on the Create new folder icon and name the folder.

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