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My Free Cams is an online porn site on which models perform live sex shows.

Viewers ask and pay the models to perform particular acts — sometimes in specific places.

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She used the online name 'lilsecrett.' The 22-year-old appeared in provincial court in Windsor today wearing a black blouse and black tights.

Judge Greg Campbell told Morra to, "have some self-respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for your community." Campbell described what Morra was doing as a "widely offensive act," adding that her behaviour "isn't acceptable." He stated in court that her goal was to "make more money." Morra made $1,500 from one of her live webcam performances in the library.

Some of the scenes are graphic while in others the woman quickly covers up her breasts with a shirt or coat and tamely interacts with library users before continuing to perform when they leave.

During the shows, lilsecrett was performing for and interacting with an online audience in a chat room on the website My Free

On a couple of occasions, lilsecrett interacts with children and other library users in a non-sexual nature.

In one video, she's interrupted by a girl, who appears to be about seven years old, and tells her she should go find her parents.

When Morra was asked if she had anything to add, she responded, "That's OK." Defence lawyer Pat Ducharme told the court it is clear Morra was facing a desk while in the library and what she did was only for the camera in front of her.

He said no one else could see anything inappropriate, and her actions did not offend anyone in the library at the time.

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