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During his address, Steve Jobs unveils a new portable music device, the i Pod.

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This is a handy way to keep the formatting of old documents you can’t otherwise convert.

The Vintage Mac Museum is a private, working collection of the pre-Intel Apple Macintosh.

This is a fully-functional 16-track version of the program which runs on many 68k Nubus Macs and old PCI Power Macs.

Sound App – a swiss army knife for old sound files.

In 1983, Apple was trying to get software developers excited about the new Mac platform and a new way of working with computers.

The You Tube video below shows highlights of an Apple event in which Steve Jobs plays the part of The Dating Game host Jim Lange, asking questions about software development to three software magnates -- Fred Gibbons of Software Publishing Company, Mitch Kapor of Lotus Development, and some guy named Bill Gates from Microsoft.

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