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*Margie est très amis avec certains acteurs et actrices de la Ch3 tels que Nathalie Davis, Mint Chalida, Pang Panchanida, Matt Peranee, Ja Jittapa, Taew Nataporn, Mark Prin et bien sûr Boy Pakorn. *Margie a eu son diplôme le 21 Janvier 2011 de School of Management, Assumption University (ABAC).

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By 2014 she is once again paired with Wayupak Montra co-star Pakorn Chatborirak in Nai Suan Kwan.

Rasri Balenciaga plus connu sous le nom de Margie Rasri est une actrice de la chaîne Ch3.

Margie: Có thể nó không phải là một hình mẫu tốt bởi vì nhìn vậy không thể cho biết thang đang chuyển động hay không.

Bạn có sợ người sẽ nghĩ rằng bạn chỉ cố gắng để tạo ra tiếng vang? Boy: Tôi muốn nói với bạn rằng không ai muốn tạo ra tiếng vang bằng việc này. Margie: Chúng tôi không hài lòng với những gì xảy ra.

Note is Chompoo's brother-in-law or former boyfriend of Aum Patcharapa.

He is from a multi-billionaire family whose been in the electricity business industry for years.

It’s his third hand news with Jui and New that made him.

Forever the hotttest and most earning nang’ek, Aump wowed this year as she broke up with hi-so ex-boyfriend Note to stay single among the hounding of Krit.

Of course, the not-really break up with Weir and then the shortly after hook up with Pae and lineup of lakorns had her buzzing this year. I added more juicy info that I believed contributed to their fame.

Janie was a sass in I want to stress here that these are condensed summaries of translations done by [email protected]

In 4th Place: Mint Chalida These two have also been in the news for years now.

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