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“He was concentrating on finding a hit for One Direction and he killed it with What Makes You Beautiful.” But while King Cowell was AWOL, Matt’s former mentor Dannii Minogue is still very much hands-on.

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In the UK, she has achieved 13 consecutive number one dance singles, becoming the best-performing artist on the UK Dance Chart.

Since 2007, Minogue has established herself as a successful talent show judge and television personality.

On top of that the scruffy star will become an unexpected fashion icon, raking in £500,000 from modelling.

Billed as a ‘painter and decorator’, Cardle actually had a privileged upbringing.

“Dannii was the only judge I know who took the mentoring bit seriously. “She sent me an essay of a message when she heard I had left Sony.

“She was so supportive and gave me great advice.” Matt’s second album The Fire is released on October 2010, which was arguably its biggest ever series with 19 million viewers.Well, he's back and he has some stern words for Simon Cowell.In 2001, Minogue further returned to musical success with the release of her biggest worldwide hit to date, "Who Do You Love Now?", while her subsequent album, Neon Nights, became the most successful of her career.Despite being part-signed to Simon’s label after winning the X Factor in 2010, Matt told me: “I saw Simon at the National TV Awards in January and that was the only time I saw him while I was signed.

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