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In person, she's an absolute—if conscientiously poised—delight: curious, charismatic, and quick to laugh.

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Betts' daughter Maggie is one of Barbara's closest friends; they even live in the same New York apartment building.

There was Gramercy Cellars cabernet, Whistle Pig rye, Brooklyn Summer Ale, and a view of the Statue of Liberty.

Barbara also has the rather unusual personal-branding conundrum of sharing a name with her tough-as-nails, pearl-bedecked 88-year-old grandmother.

When I meet Barbara at a clattering lunch spot not far from her crowded, unglamorous Global Health Corps offices in a crowded, unglamorous part of midtown Manhattan, she is that evening scheduled to fly (coach, her sister tells me later) to Malaysia for a women's-health conference.

Barbara has always been the more elusive Bush daughter.

Her sister, Jenna Bush Hager, is the aw-shucks outgoing twin, the one who seemed to constantly be getting in trouble for having a fake ID at the University of Texas (truth be told, Barbara got caught drinking underage too) and who these days works as a correspondent on the .

All of which might seem like predictable summertime socializing for a dynastic princess of the Republican Party, except that the party was in honor of Global Health Corps, her organization dedicated to the idea that "health care is a human right," the sort of darn-near socialist notion that could easily lead to Obamacare.

Or, if you're a wary conservative, something far worse.

Susan Lucci, Michael Knight and Jeanne Cooper spoke of stories of how much they admired Oprah and how she is a cultural icon. They were so happy to be guests for the 25th season. I've loved my soaps since I began watching them with my grandmother (she called them her 'stories').

I loved Erica when she was fooling around with Philip while watching Kitty die.

Or could it be a publicity stunt staged by the ABC soap to help kickstart some buzz is that falling Women 18-49 demographic?

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