Meet and fuck no credit cards

You can complete one of the offers and obtain a card that way.

You can also research credit cards online, or talk to your bank or credit union about your options.

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Despite your recent bankruptcy, you will probably get many credit card offers in the mail or over the Internet.

Most recent bankruptcy filers can get a credit card -- but interest rates and fees are likely to be very high.

If you pay your bill in full each month—that is, you don’t carry a balance—close the accounts with the highest annual fees.

Make sure that the accounts you keep open have a grace period in which you can pay off your bill and not incur any interest.

Ask it to send you monthly statements until you pay off your balance.

Or contact the bank whose card you are keeping and ask it to transfer the balance on the account you are closing to the account you are keeping.Go ahead and click on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often.Virgin Money, the banking arm of the business empire founded by Virgin Records mastermind Richard Branson, has debuted a line of “punk-themed” credit cards — including three that use the logo and artwork from the Sex Pistols.Bankruptcy generally stays on your credit report for ten years.This means that the credit reporting agencies will add a notation to your credit report that you had a bankruptcy, whether it was a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7.By obtaining new credit and paying the bill on time every month, you can rebuild your credit long before the 10-year period is over.

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