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Sweater weather, man, ‘cause you’re making me sweat I say I wanna buy you dinner Not increase my debt But your parents they love me Thank God her parents they love me Yup I must admit I ain't your typical Walk in park Girl next door Easy stroll when I rock and roll Living freaky deaky daily shady Yet insightful episodes But it's all good Why?

‘Cause your parents they love me Your parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Sweater weather cold So sweater weather old Parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Your parents they love me ‘Cause your parents they love me Things aren't going that good, good, good Between me and you But it's all good like I knew it would ‘Cause good times is a déjà vu Can't wait to get to your mamma's house Home cookin’ fed into my mouth Ya winter is coming so’s climate change I’m gonna change for you Not really but recently Read a book on some therapy And you should read it too And pick up a thing or everything You high maintenance demi-god Could give a shit on my regard Ya, I take the trash out Clean the dishes Pass out “Make love” not my words But we could have sex Sweater weather fur coat Toque on, pompom I’ma put it on like the hook In the song Chorus I walk in with some flowers For that Sunday brunch Your momma got the hots for me Yup that's my hunch I be toastin’ eggnog And I be cuttin’ that turkey Holy shit, goddamn Babe, your dad’s gettin’ flirty Chorus I'm dreaming I'm floatin’ I made it up And I'm open For everything Like makeup Yup, I take it up And then I soak it in Like romance With the faux fur When I wake up I ain't sober No I'm jacked up As I pop up And I'm a take it home Like a chauffeur The sky’s the limit But the limit is low You wanna go past the stars Don’t wanna go live on Mars I want an M-class planet with a spaceship Like a Romulan Ya, it’s my dream So I can be that type of alien I'm living in a spaceship And my spaceship is my body One thing I ain't doing Is driving straight and steady You used to see, but now you don't Used to do it, but now I won't Don't give a fuck if that what you want ‘Cause I’m blowing up a new front Yeah Fill in the blank I’m gonna go rob me a bank Get money illegal But i don’t want a desert eagle Make it click, click, jam Oh shit But on the other hand Dreaming deceiving it's like a fantasy fake Living a dream Riding on her bike with a short skirt – What? A short skirt Living a dream Jump in front When I step in the back Yes I’m coming for you When I come in effect ‘Cause I know what I want And I know I got All that I know Is they’ll kill you for that Wiggity wack Wiggity wack Got no time But I feed your pets Feed my mind Or I’m a feed you lead Teach me to fish or shoot instead Which is right? How ’bout you and me Just get along Break some bread And the share zone Ain’t no such thing as being alone Catch and release Like letting go the beast like Life after death Like taking every breath For the minute nothing better You can make it if you wanna But the moral of the story Is to live it for the moment Like I wanna dream With tons of money Alcohol Secretary booty call I wanna Give me the speed In my volume, baby Speed up the volume Speedin’ up the volume Yeah, why?

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Another masc bi/str8 acting would be great but not a requirement(Open-minded here)...

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