Mrtg stops updating for previous one

Suppose I'd like to monitor the content of my wallet. I want to have the actual number in my database so I choose the GAUGE data type. But according to the graph my wallet was empty at hours.And only at I got some money, before that my wallet was empty, remember? After carefull examination, all the amounts are right but the moment in time is not. ---------- - Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol including: * An extensible agent * An SNMP library * tools to request or set information from SNMP agents * tools to generate and handle SNMP traps * a version of the unix 'netstat' command using SNMP * a graphical Perl/Tk/SNMP based mib browser This package is originally based on the Carnegie Mellon University SNMP implementation (version, but has developed significantly since then. ------------------ Download: - - Web page: - Sourceforge Project page: - Mirrors (note that sourceforge download servers are mirrored themselves): - US: - Greece: ftp://gr/pub/net/snmp/net-snmp/ What documentation is available? ) README and individual READMEs for various platforms README.thread (discusses threading issues) INSTALL PORTING man pages for the individual tools, files and the API A guide for extending the agent Tutorials for both ucd-snmp v4 and net-snmp v5 at and respectively Most of this documentation (plus archives of the mailing lists) is also available on our web page: There is also a Wiki (including a community-maintained version of this FAQ) at Are there binaries available?

mrtg stops updating for previous one-30

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There is full description about usage of php Mrtg Admin.

The main idea of the php Mrtg Admin is flexible presentation of routers information generated by Tobi Oetiker's MRTG.

Before setting up your database, it is wise to take a moment to think what it is you are trying to achieve. Let's look at some numbers: rrdtool create \ --start 1130799600 \ --step 3600 \ DS:content: GAUGE:86400:0: U \ RRA: AVERAGE:0: rrdtool update 11308284.00 rrdtool update 11308320.00 rrdtool update 11308356.00 rrdtool update 11308428.00 rrdtool update 11308644.00 rrdtool update 11308680.00 rrdtool update 1130886000:0.00 rrdtool graph \ --start 1130796000 \ --end start 26h \ --height 160 \ --upper-limit 80 \ --lower-limit 0 \ --y-grid 5:2 \ --x-grid HOUR:1: HOUR:1: HOUR:2:0:%H \ DEF:content=wallet.rrd:content: AVERAGE \ AREA:content#0000FF Nice. Have a look at the descriptive table above and compare against the graph.

There are lots of examples, not only on this site, that deal with traffic. You will have to keep in mind though how RRDtool was designed (and why) in order to get best results. I bet a significant number of people would look at the content of the wallet after the purchase, and put that number in the database. At hours (meaning: midnight at the end of the day) I removed $10.00 from my wallet to save for that new dvd recorder I want to buy.

There are two select modes: Searching criteria are the same as Sorting except No sorting.

if You define searching string it will be made search of interfaces matching to searching string. Usually you can be certain about a value only once an event has happened. Usually this means there are two moments in time, two counter values, do some calculations and then store the result. This may seem confusing at first but once you think about it, it makes much sense.What has happened is that I did not describe the past. The create and graph commands stay the same, only updates differ: rrdtool update 1130828400:0.00 rrdtool update 11308320.00 rrdtool update 11308356.00 rrdtool update 11308428.00 rrdtool update 11308644.00 rrdtool update 11308680.00 rrdtool update 11308860.00 MUCH better!As you can see, I shifted all amounts up by one update.Release 5.0 was the first version released under the Net-SNMP name, and all further development is being done on the 5.x code base.

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