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Some of her lifestyle choices don’t conform to majority Western norms, whether they be about dating, pre-marital sex or living with one’s partner before marriage.

I set out to take a fun look at life and love from the point of view of four young women in their late twenties who would be perceived by predominant Anglo standards as quite conservative.

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And it took place because of an invention that could scarcely have been imagined in 1597: the internet.

Ms Gaur, 18, met her husband-to-be through an internet chatroom two years ago while a schoolgirl in London.

We specialise in helping British Asians to find someone they can share their life with.

Our aim is to create a place for likeminded people can find love and be happy!

The pair spent hours e-mailing each other in a mixture of English and Hindi and friendship blossomed into romance.

They finally met face-to-face in April when Ms Gaur travelled to India to visit her grandparents in Mumbai.I can also browse profiles for compatibility without revealing myself searching.Asians4Asians is a portal into Asian D8 - the most successful Asian singles website in the UK with over 35,000 British members.A week after his friend signed him up to the app, he and Sana were in contact.After chatting, meeting a month later, and several get-togethers with respective families, about four months later they were married.I always found it odd that the series concentrated on the lives of four white women in the most diverse city in the world. I wrote No Sex in the City because I wanted to present alternative perspectives on the themes in the television series – friendship, the search for a life partner, career fulfillment, sexuality as a single woman, family politics, financial independence.

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