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You can then play his answers back after the bride gives her answer. What one person would they like to have dinner with? What were your first impressions when you first lay eyes on him / her? If she could be a famous person, who would your other half be? The bride will absolutely love this and so will the hen party guests. If she were a cartoon character, who would your other half be?

But after every right answer – make everyone else take a shot.

Just be careful with choosing the questions for the Mr and Mrs quiz – don’t go too intimate or too personal with the questions.

Yes, it’s probably played at every hen party but here at The Hen Planner HQ, we really believe that no hen party should take place without this revealing hen do game. What’s the most embarrassing thing he/she did in front of your parents? If she was on a desert island what is three things she would take?

With a mix of sweet, funny and naughty it’s a great way idea to kickstart the best hen party weekend. What’s the most embarrassing thing he/she has done? If you could describe him / her n in 3 words what would they be?

The Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions uncover interesting facts about the bride and her groom that your hen party will be dying to know, such as dating questions, food questions, likes, dislikes and more. So before the hen party, ask the groom 10 to 20 questions about him, the bride and their relationship. If he/she was to lick a food off you, what would it be? If you compare yourselves to any celebrity couple, who do you think you most compare to?

Our tip is to not look for too intimate details on their personal life, especially if mamma bear is there. If you have time and the groom isn’t camera shy, record him answering the questions on a phone, ipad or laptop. Tell us any details about him / her that might surprise us? If she was to have plastic surgery what would she have done?

Making sure your man remains attracted and faithful to you is not enough, it is important that you don't get bored yourself.

Below are 60 common questions you can ask your guy to turn him on without much efforts and get him in the mood instantly.

To make this easier for you, we have selected TOP questions for the Mr and Mrs game.

Some of the things we find hot may be normal, but a lot of it may seem downright weird. Maybe your boyfriend likes to have his balls tickled with a feather. We're all also a little hesitant to ask WHY it is we love the freaky or not so freaky stuff we do in le boudoir. Emmalee and Caitlyn are marriage and family therapists who specialize in sex therapy.

Another possibility is that our fathers can be the templates of what we view as a strong partner.

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