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S., European and Australian tours every year, and learned that - with the exception of drugs and alcohol - everything that happens on your average rock tour, including whores and groupies, occurs in golf.

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Norman's now ex-wife Laura Andrassy accepted a reported £50 million divorce settlement after his affair with former Wimbledon champion Chris Evert - who also happened to be her best friend.

When asked if she thought Norman had been faithful during their 25-year marriage, she simply said: 'No comment'.

Just three years later, Faldo won the 1975 English Amateur and the British Youths Championship.

Faldo describes his late discovery of golf enthusiastically, saying that he "love[d] school, until golf came along"—after which "the only thing [he] was interested in was getting out of the gates as quick as possible and going to the golf course."Faldo achieved instant European Tour successes, finishing eighth on the Order of Merit in 1977, and third in 1978; and winning a European Tour event in each of those seasons (in 1977, he became the then-youngest Ryder Cup player at the age of 20).

Evert's former husband, erstwhile Olympic skier Andy Mills - also best friends with Norman - said: 'I'd have taken a bullet for the guy.

His 40 professional wins include 30 victories on the European Tour and six major championships: three Open Championships (1987, 1990, 1992) and three Masters (1989, 1990, 1996). 1 pro Rory Mc Ilroy says the young star’s flagging career will take off again following his unceremonious dumping of his former fiancée, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.“Caroline might have been the one; might have been the girl he marries and then has children, and that’s fine,” Nick Faldo told [email protected] on the matter.Faldo continued his European Tour successes in the early-1980s, winning two consecutive Sun Alliance PGA Championship's in England, in 19.Faldo finished top of the Order of Merit in 1983, with five European Tour victories.Faldo has since become a television pundit for major golf championships.

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