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"Nick Grimshaw basically confirmed he would very much like to have sex with Harry Styles. "Harry Styles Leaves One Direction After Rumors He Slept With Nick Grimshaw Make Him A Social Pariah [sic]," another commented.

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles says he’s ‘pretty sure’ he’s not bisexual after finally coming clean about his bromance with Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw. Pressed that people think he and Grimmy, 28, are secret gay lovers, he responded: ‘Oh, really? I never like it when a celebrity goes on Twitter and says, “This isn’t true!

"I only feel like you're coming out if you've been married, or pretended you were straight. I didn't have three kids and then go, 'Guess what guys?

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Nick had revealed that he was going out for a meal ahead of his "best friend" Harry's birthday on his Radio One breakfast show earlier in the week. It's best friends before bands." Nick and Harry are long-time friends Harry will turn 22 on 1 February, and it is likely that he will celebrate his special day in Los Angeles, where he spends much of his downtime when he's not touring.

When asked if he was going to a gig on Tuesday, the DJ explained: "We were all supposed to go but it's one of my friend's birthdays and I forgot and they are having a dinner and I can't not go. The handsome singer may have another reason to visit the US – to see his rumoured girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

I don’t know.” Styles has repeatedly dismissed rumours about his sexuality and reading into the pair’s bromance.

Grimshaw also rejects the idea of their being an intriguing age gap in their friendship. Like, we went out to dinner with all my friends whose ages range from 45 to 30, and also my brother Andy, who’s 42, and a real blokey Man United fan and he [Andy] said, ‘He’s all right, that kid.’ He can hold his own.” Grimshaw also claims he has still never had a serious relationship – but wants that to change.

The pair sent the rumour mill into overdrive over the New Year when they were spotted kissing on a yacht in St.

Barths, prompting speculation that they had rekindled their romance.

“I think this year, maybe because of doing radio every day and having to be honest every day, and having to do interviews where you’re asked probing questions, you start to think in a more adult way.

I guess I’ve been more happy this year, more honest with myself, and figured out who I am.

Then it can get annoying.’ As for Tomlinson, who was himself accused of being gay by rival band The Wanted, he told the men’s magazine he has no problems saying no to female fans.

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