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He gets involved with student radio in Liverpool and has Queens of Noize Tabitha Denholm and Mairead Nash on the show.

He stays in touch with Mairead (who now manages Florence The Machine, no less) via My Space and later comes to London to live in her flat and help run the Queens club. He first met Annie Mac while working as a radio plugger in Manchester after university.

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Get ready to reignite your bad romance with Lady Gaga.

The multi-Grammy winner has finally made her long-awaited comeback and dropped stomping new song “Perfect Illusion”.

Her mother Pearl was part of the notorious Primrose Hill set and previously struggled with drug and alcohol addictions, while close friend Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose in 2014.

But 28-year-old model Lowe is the face of a more earnest and clean-living generation. It’s very cliquey and exclusive.” Earlier this year, Lowe was pictured with Peaches Geldof’s widower, Thomas Cohen.

She’s worked with the likes of Burberry, Chanel and Agent Provocateur, dabbled in acting and has even written a cookbook. I graft loads.” Among Lowe’s inner circle is the new Primrose Hill crew, which includes Geldof’s sister Pixie — “I was out with her last night, it was loads of fun” — Nick Grimshaw and Florence Welch. After five months together the couple split in May but Cohen remains a “dear friend”.

She’s also managed to clock up 300,000 followers on Instagram. “I’ve got an amazing sisterhood, and there are some men in there as well.” Squad goals à la Taylor Swift, then? Lowe has since been linked to Funny Girl actor and Popstars singer Darius Campbell but claims to be happily unattached for now. I’ve had one relationship in five years and that was with lovely Tom but I’m proud of the life that I’ve created. It’s nice to go on dates, though.” Is she on Tinder? A lot of close friends and family members have got married through online dating. "I like meeting someone and feeling their energy and smelling them, not this ‘swipe’ thing. I’m such an old-fashioned lady.” Chivalry will get you far.

“There’s a feature on the album that I think you will be very excited about,” she told host Nick Grimshaw. I started to work on an idea for a song that I really wanted to do with a girl.

You’ll see why when you see what the song is about. ’ She’s really to me if not the best, one of the greatest vocalists in the world.

Just a few years ago, many people wouldn't have known who Nick Grimshaw was.

That all changed in July 2012 when he was announced as Chris Moyles's successor on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

And these in particular are perfect for puddle splashing!

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