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Pat Roberson had to give up his ordination in 88(or 92) when he ran for president This question could probably be rewritten a bit more succinctly: Are clergy allowed to refuse marriages that would be allowed under law?

(My assumption is, yes, of course they can, as, for example, a Priest is under no obligation to marry two Jewish people--even though a justice of the peace may be.) In "Capitalism and Freedom," Milton Fried drew a distinction between "positive harm" and "negative harm." "Positive harm" consists of e.g. "Negative harm" would be passing by the river, seeing someone drowning and not offering to help. The civil rights laws are written so that no one can actively or "positively" interfere with the e.g. That might consist of the preacher standing outside the church and turning away guests so that the couple couldn't have a proper wedding ceremony.

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