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Brian opened up a little about his past relationships, which impressed me.

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A few years ago, I had a lengthy list of things that would get a man points or lose him points.

It included everything from nice shoes to a good voice, from a quick wit to an instant spark, from a nice car to pretty, blue eyes.

He opened the door for me and we chatted a little bit while walking to the gym. We sat at the same table during the activity and I quickly realized that he was extremely shy.

I wasn’t sure what type of personality he had since he was so quiet. ."It was around this time that I had an important conversation with a friend. We were discussing our dating lives (or lack thereof).

Also, I've been married twice and have three children, but she has only ever had casual boyfriends and has no children.

Still, we got on well, so I'm happy to be seeing her again.

If you, too, are overworked and alone in your ridiculously overpriced Canary Wharf apartment, join now for a very reasonable fee.

You buy happiness.’ Such dating portals for young professionals living in the rat race have proliferated in the last few years.

If you’re a busy person – probably a 25 year old on an intern’s ‘expenses only’ wage - typing your fingers to the bone in the City every night, investing time in navigating an even slightly complicated website is too much.

If you don’t want your passing employer to see tangible proof of your loneliness over your shoulder, you’ll also have to wait until you’re home at antisocial hours after a gruelling day. And this is exactly the idea behind Tinder, an app which works by connecting with your Facebook and displaying four (carefully chosen) photographs of you to potential suitors within a few miles’ radius.

There were also many things on the deal-breaker list—for example, crooked teeth, telling weird stories on a first date, having a messy car or weirdly shaped ears.

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