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If everything goes according to the plan, Nokia Software Updater checks both the firmware and the software installed on the phone for updates and allows you to start the download process right away.During our tests, we had one pending software update, so the application automatically retrieved the package and installed it for us.

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Good news anyway, and this will breathe new life into quite a few older Symbian-based phones. In this release Microsoft has fixed the Nokia firmware download issue.

As you may know Microsoft closed down all Nokia websites (including phone software repository) earlier this year.

The phone will then need to be disconnected and rebooted to properly run the new software correctly.

Nokia Software recovery tool (Erstwhile Lumia Software Recovery tool) is a very useful tool that helps you to recover or update your Nokia-branded devices.

some of the old Nokia Series 60/Symbian firmware images - and it all now works again, with images now firmly on Microsoft's servers!

Guess Microsoft is not quite the 'evil empire' after all?

The GUI of the program has a professional, yet simple look that allows you to clearly identify all the features at first look.

In order to launch the software properly, the user is required to connect the Nokia device to the computer through a USB cable, so that the application can automatically identify the phone model and the installed firmware version.

Hopefully other such softwares will also get updates in the future with access to new download URLs....

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