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Our mascots work so hard cheering on all of our SUNY student athletes all year long.

As a human resource professional, my job is to listen to my clients and consult with them on issues that are occurring within their business.

When issues arise, our first question is always: What does your policy state?

“The Boston Baboons” would be so much more intimidating that the “Boston Red Sox” The other team will spend so long looking at these things that they’ll forget about the game.

They could laugh menacingly every time they take the lead.

Although it is often noted, for example, that there are sports teams that use names or images of other groups of people besides Indians, the way in which sports teams use non-Indian group names is fundamentally different from the way in which Indian names are used.

Team names such as Cowboys, Patriots, Senators or Cavaliers, for example, do not constitute an analogous mascotizing of anyone for the simple reason that even though these names refer to groups of people, the group names are generic and do not refer in any significant way to nationality, race, ethnicity or religion.All participating mascots have been randomly placed into four competition brackets, ranked by the number of athletic programs they each represent.Now your votes help decide who advances to the next round.We want to make sure you make an informed decision, so be sure you get to know the participants before you cast that vote.In athletics statewide, SUNY has more than 85 NCAA Division I, 290 NCAA Division III, and 385 NJCAA athletic teams, as well as hundreds of non-competitive athletics clubs.HR professionals are known to the outside world as the policy pushers.

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