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An adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' best-selling novel The Choice (2007), this film follows the journey of Travis Parker and Gabby Holland, two young neighbors in a small coastal town who ultimately become lovers despite having to face many barriers. This February witness an incredible love story full of romance, hope, and heart-wrenching choices when Travis Shaw [Benjamin Walker] meets the beautiful Gabby Holland [Teresa Palmer]. Boat Party Person / Dockside Customer Brett Kelley …

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…In the end…the film disappointingly, even lazily, shies away from being anything more than you’d expect.

But there’s such mechanical artifice at work that it’s hard to do more than squirm and groan at the couple’s ultimate travails…

In the midst of all their fun lurks a killer whose dead set on eliminating one of the players.

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a Wall Street trader, but the case takes a shocking turn when the they discover the victim was an undercover informant for the U.

Recently, the roles in a Sparks film have gone to actors that I would best describe as having a face that seems familiar.

Benjamin Walker (who played the President Lincoln that killed vampires) stars as Travis, an easy going southern boy who has a nice house and boat on the Carolina shore.Movies based on Nicholas Sparks' novels once attracted "A" list actors and actresses.As the stories have become routine and the quality of the movies as interesting as a Lifetime channel made for television film, big names have stayed away from them.The closest grocery stores are Safeway, Quik Stop and Safeway.Nearby coffee shops include Café Rumi, Bodi's Java and Starbucks. The screenplay by Bryan Sipe…jams in a host of romantic movie tropes to get us rooting for our storybook lovers.

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