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Writers Franklin Veaux, from Portland, and Eve Rickert, from Vancouver, take a stab at this problem in their new book More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory.

Veaux and Rickert argue that, while there may be no perfect way to be non-monogamous, there are certainly some very bad ones....

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His life-long open relationship with philosopher and feminist (and bisexual) Simone de Beauvoir, with whom he shared a belief in authentic personal freedom, is legendary. Perfect authentic freedom, in Sartre’s case, was licence to be a dick.

Modern polyamory, as with Sartre, often expresses itself as a desire for freedom: freedom from tradition, monogamy, boredom or sex-negativity.Welcome to NZSearch, NZSearch is the directory of the New Zealand web, containing the best sites New Zealand has to offer.NZSearch's advanced technology does not contain duplicate listings and actively removes sites that are no longer online.Each work has its name stamped on the copper tag and signed Certificate.His works are exhibited at Art Galleries and sold in New Zealand and overseas.Serge uses a unique technique: combining the best of NZ wood together with bronze brazed onto copper shapes, using semiprecious gems and jewelers techniques he transforms simple materials into stunning sculptures.

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