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Online tutoring is less expensive—with Skype, screen sharing, and/or online whiteboarding, the quality can be just as good and effective as in-person tutoring.

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We compare your needs with the tutors available and, if possible, offer the option of online tutoring.

Once student and tutor are matched and the tutoring relationship develops, online and in-person tutoring sessions can be interchanged.

We know planning trips with a group of your closest pals can sometimes be a tricky task, so to make life a little easier we've joined forces with Skype to build the first travel search chat bot for the Skype platform.

This snazzy new tool is the first to offer interaction in a group chat setting.

They offer the opportunity for people to chat face to face with family and friends through video calling services such as Skype and Face Time, hold video conferences with more than one person on social networking sites and even use the webcam as a barcode scanner to check the cost/trade in value of goods online.

There are a huge number of positive uses and potential for using webcams as a tool for communication.

Skype users involved in a group conversation with friends or colleagues can simply add the Skyscanner bot in to the chat and interact with the bot manually, as if it were another group member.

The bot for Skype offers users the chance to search for flights, either individually or as part of a group, returning live prices and route options within Skype, before providing a link where users can go to complete the booking for their trip.

I'll announce it first on the discussion board on my Youtube page, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see it in your Youtube feed when it happens ;)] As you saw last week, I challenged myself to take five hours to learn enough Polish to help me get by on my brief visit to Warsaw. because I was so busy preparing for my TEDx talk (which will be completely different to the other one I gave, but still with the same topic of encouraging adult language learners – online in the next month or two), and working on my secret 3-month contract, that I only had two hours total time to invest into learning the Polish language!

Despite having even less time than I initially planned, I was pleased to learn what I needed and can even share the results with you on video.

There are a number of benefits for choosing online tutoring.

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