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Skill Point Interactions The following interactions are earned by reaching the corresponding skill point levels.

If your skill decays down below the required level, you will loose all interactions at and above that level.

Friendship Interactions Friendship Interactions are earned by your Sim having a certain number of outgoing friendships, or reaching a certain level in a positive or negative relationship with a Sim.

To learn more about the relationship system, click here. They have many interactions that you can perform with them, and they also have many interactions they can perform on you or their own kind.

The move the mouse left and right to control the actions on the screen. Switch to different sex scenes in order to fill it completely and win this realistic porn game! At the end you’ll be able to view your finished porn movie!

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In addition, Vamps will have unique sets of ‘Motives’, the needs that drive all the Sims in Sims 4, and one of them will be an incessant need for ‘Plasma’, the godly, bloody nectar craved by all the undead.

It seems there are even a variety of ways for vamps to feed their unholy cravings, from feeding on other Sims while they’re sleeping, to slurping down a Plasma pack and (for the VEGAN VAMPIRE) growing their own Plasma fruit.

All interactions below your current level are available for use.

Visit the skills guide for more information on gaining skill points.

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