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(Members of occupational money purchase schemes receive full tax relief on contributions via their payroll).

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There is also a maximum amount you can hold in your pension over your lifetime – this is called the lifetime allowance.

Normally you can pay as much into your pension as you earn each year, up to a maximum of £40,000. Transferring pensions between providers doesn't use up your annual allowance.

Step four: The husband invests the £3,600 into his pension.

It immediately gets boosted by the 20pc rebate – that's £900, taking it to a total £4,500. As a higher rate taxpayer, the husband can claim back the further 20pc (taking their total rebate to 40pc) through his tax return, netting another £900.

Every year you get a generous allowance for making contributions into SIPPs and other pensions.

The Government sets this limit because your pension contributions are topped up with 20-45% tax relief.

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Pensions are attracting more attention in the media as people are living longer.

Employers are becoming obliged to have a minimum level pension scheme in place for employees aged 22 and over who earn more than £10,000 per year under the auto-enrolment rules.

We cannot advise on whether or not you should pay into a particular pension.

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