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FOR USE IN LIBRARY ONLY PE 1891 G4 PURCHASED FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARY FROM THE CANADA COUNCIL SPECIAL GRANT FOR LINGUISTICS HANDBOUND AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS A CONTRIBUTION TO AN ESSEX DIALECT DICTIONARY \ J V. Our people don't talk like that." Essex dialect is, of course, the combination of all these local varying tongues ; and when the Essex Dialect Dictionary appears, we shall at last have it in all its fullness and glory before our eyes.

A CONTRIBUTION TO AN ESSEX DIALECT DICTIONARY BY EDWARD GEPP, M. LATE VICAR OF HIGH EASIER, ESSEX LONDON GEORGE ROUTLEDGE & SONS, LTD, BROADWAY HOUSE: 68-74 CARTER LANE, E. INTRODUCTION WHEN a Dialect Dictionary is constructed for a county or a district, the usual plan, I believe, is for a general editor to gather contributions from correspondents representing all parts of the area, and to compile what he gets. The short Grammar which follows our little Dictionary has INTRODUCTION IX grown out of an appendix, which was to accommodate such forms and uses as could not, without overloading and con- fusion, be included in a dictionary.

Of course, "ass reaming" refers to sodomizing someone, in the literal sense.

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The date of Abraham's birth in Ur "of the Chaldees" (i.e., southern Ur) is not known, but can be computed roughly from archeological evidence at Bab-edh-Dhra, near Sodom. No monuments to him have survived, but discoveries at Mari, Nuzi, and elsewhere have shown that his activities were consistent with Middle Bronze Age Mesopotamian life (ca. As such, Abraham emerged from a background of high culture, and was not the illiterate shepherd envisaged by some nineteenth-century literary critics.

Abraham is of profound religious significance because he was the historic ancestor of the twelve tribes, the "seed of Abraham, " who regularly described their God as "the God of Abraham." By virtue of being children of divine promise ( Gen 12:2 ), the Israelites were living proof of God's existence and power in human society.

As a non-native reader, I stumbled upon the meaning of "get a serious reaming" and it seemed to be an idiomatic expression for being punished.

At least the first Google matches seem to suggest this. In US slang, it is not uncommon to use reference to unwelcome sexual contact to indicate a person was seriously harmed by someone who has power over them, as in To ream (out) in the sense of a scathing reprimand probably derives from the original sense of ream meaning to widen or enlarge a hole, such as when one reams out the bore of a gun.

This appendix lists direct English translations of Latin phrases.

Some of the phrases are themselves translations of Greek phrases, as Greek rhetoric and literature reached its peak centuries before that of Ancient Rome: This list is a combination of the three divided pages, for users who have no trouble loading large pages and prefer a single page to scroll or search through.

The idea of a covenant, or binding agreement between two parties, was already familiar in the early Middle Bronze Age, and by mutual agreement involved penalties if one of the participants defaulted.

It was normally marked by some form of ritual ( Gen 15:9-17 ), which emphasized the solemnity and significance of the occasion.

Here is one modest contribution for Essex, in advance, representing in a measure the dialect and colloquial speech of a small district. It has grown into the clumsy, lengthy, yet inadequate thing that it is. Dismally lacking scientific method and technical knowledge, it may yet serve as a skeleton for experts here- after to pull to pieces and rearrange, and perhaps clothe with the proper kind of flesh.

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