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So when he raps, "Every word I write seals my fate/Losing every single one of my friends to date," on "Life Goes On" it's hard to believe he's serious.

In fact, the lesson told by guest Abstract Rude pretty much certifies that the song is a fable rather than an autobiography.

He is sometimes labeled a Christian rapper because of his positive messages and references to God, but with easily relatable subject matter and musical influences drawing from across the spectrum of rock and pop music, he aims to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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I would recommend this before any other artist getting major exposure and radio play... So I guess I expected Christ centered hip hop from pigeon john solo project.anyone thats into underground hip hop with catchy hooks,beats,lyrics,singing pick this up.any one into gospel hip hop with Godly centered message this is not your guy..up lecrae,the rep,cross movement..other than that good album Pigeon John finally graces us with his sophomore effort, Pigeon John Is Dating Your Sister.

For those of you who can't get enough of PJ, this second album scratches your itch.

The next step for the rapper was signing to underground hip-hop mainstay Quannum, which issued Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party in September of 2006.

After releasing an EP with Flynn Adam Atkins under the name Rootbeer, Pigeon John returned to Quannum in 2010 with his fifth album, Dragon Slayer.

With a namesake of a rat with wings, you have to assume that Pigeon John is not bringing your average perspective to hip-hop.

The LA Symphony associate has graduated from ‘clueless’ on his last album, to ‘dating your sister’ on this one. Pigeon John may have just gained the dubious distinction of being labeled one of hip-hop’s primary “emo-rappers” in Spin, but I still don’t think the term fits.

A talented yet sensitive character who shows the slightest hint of an island accent, making him sound both extra musical and extra accessible.

Even PJ's vocal delivery makes him sound like the sort of buddy you could have long talks with over a beer.

Don’t be fooled though, in many cases his tongue in firmly implanted in his cheek.

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