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But, when it comes to guys not approaching us, it’s not always our fault. There is nothing wrong with being one of the strong personality women.

So if you downplay your intelligence, you may be more appealing to guys. Yes, it will limit some of your options, but if you pretend to be less smart than you are, you are selling yourself short and you are putting up a façade you will have to maintain for the entire relationship.

When it comes to guys and their ability (‘slash’ courage, ‘slash’ strength) to decently approach a girl they find attractive or interesting, there is a lot to be said.

I can't always help it but I just feel like they're judging me or something.

Although sometimes I've been in situations where I was the only male in the group and I've got used to it, often times when I first meet them I have the paranoid suspicion that deep down they're making fun of me.

Staying Calm and Grounded Building Your Confidence Interacting With Other Girls Community Q&A Sometimes, you can get nervous around other girls you know, especially if they are very popular.

Many other girls experience this in their schools too, so you are not alone.

Should girls who are mature, serious, or go-getters downplay those aspects of themselves to be more appealing to guys? I’ll explain in just a minute, but before I go down this road, I would like to say that a smart person looks different depending on who you are talking to.

It may refer to the ability to learn well in a classroom setting, a sharp wit, an intuition, street smarts, book smarts, etc.

It's probably pretty silly, and might reflect on my own insecurities and inexperience with dealing with the opposite sex in the group context.

I mean I have female friends, but we tend to hang out one on one.

Sadly this is also true for guys who’ve been doing pickup for years.

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