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He adds, though, that overall, "Symantec dropped the ball here. In this case the problem was in Symantec's vetting system for new code.

The "unpackers" in its products screen anything that's being downloaded or any new program that wants to run for malware that's been "packed" inconspicuously.

The problem is not that I want to allow the update to install 1 time, I AM NOT USING DEFENDER.

I am using Norton Security and so Defender is turned off properly but the definition files are still pushed out through Update and then fail when installation is attempted.

If you recently installed the antivirus software designed by Symantec on your computer\/laptop, then you did a perfect job of securing your PC.

\r\n\r\n Continue\u2026..\r\n\r\n The latest Norton security antivirus software keeps your computer free from virus and malware.

As it is now the error happens, Update states that it failed and will keep trying to install it later which will always fail.

As I said I have dealt with 2 support engineers and 1 supervisor and all they have done after hours of trying to "fix" the problem is get the failed definition to install insisting that the problem is now fixed- they turn Norton off or uninstall it, turn Defender on, install the definitions then turn Defender back off and Norton back on or make me reinstall it.

Symantec said in its security advisory that patches should have downloaded automatically to every private user through the company's Live Update system.

For enterprise customers, some updates have to be installed manually.

Instead of building up to it gracefully, I'm just going to tell you right now: Make sure any Symantec security products you use are fully updated.

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