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The error code 80710723 on the Sony Play Station 3 video game console means there is a network or router error with the device.

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IGN has contacted SCEA for additional updates on what's causing these errors.

Update: Sony has confirmed that slim PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

Moving forward we hope to provided PS3 owners and users the most up to date, FREE and complete list of PS3 error codes and solutions around the net. Check with ISP for proper DNS address and set manually.

80010001 - PS3 error code indicating a major hardware failure, Game ability stopped. File may be corrupt try erasing file and reloading. Use alternate DNS, some open source DNS's are available for free.

SCEA is looking into widespread reports tonight of Play Station Network login errors causing many left unable to play games, and even lose trophies, on certain Play Station 3 consoles.

"We're aware that many of you are having problems connecting to PSN, and yes, we're looking into it," the company said in a statement.I live in Nigeria and unfortunately my console is not covered by warranty and there is no Play Station service centre available in the country so my only hope of getting my console working without having to buy a new console which I can't afford now (baby on the way, wifey will kill me if I try to buy a new one) is from you guys.Please help a brother out, depression is setting in fast.One such issue is that the network is simply too congested to allow you to do the update. In these cases, waiting until later to do the update might be advisable.If that does not work, it might be necessary to alter the wireless connection settings on the console.If problem persists, go to the recovery menu and "restore file system" as there may be a corrupt file. Try conneting at a later time as their may be heavy congestion on the network. Try rebooting system, modem and/or router and then reconnecting. Possible causes: Connection speed too slow, server error or port settings need to be set.

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