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Here, we look back at Reynolds' biggest relationships in photos, from Rachael Leigh Cook to Blake Lively, whom he quietly married in early September after one year of dating.Taylor Fashions - Rachael Leigh Cook talks with Access Hollywood Live's Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover about her new Hallmark original movie, "Autumn in the Vineyard." Will her husband, actor Daniel Gillies, be watching the romantic movie with her?"I actually never met with Freddie for an audition.

#Old Friends New Friends," Prinze captioned a photo of himself with his former co-star.

"@Real FPJr You left me with the brownie we r not friends anymore!! When our movie first came out, a lot of people went teenybopper crazy, but a lot of people also came out and said, 'That was me, man.'" "I always feel like I'm on when I'm in the drug store of something and 'Kiss Me' comes on, because I think it subliminally triggers memories from the movie for people, so then you get the, 'Do I know you from somewhere?

Then my thing was to say, 'OK, so the way Zack is written right now, how does Zack really become worthy of Laney?

'Initially it's these two guys making a bet, and they're kind of misogynistic at the beginning. So all of the stuff about being accepted to every school and putting all the letters away and all the problems with his father and the performance art thing — those all came into the script after I had met Freddie."3. Night Shyamalan was responsible for those script rewrites, including the hacky-sack scene.

You either go along with it or you don't go along with it.

Freddie Prinze Jr.'s charm inspired a script rewrite.

"Night's big thing was [also], 'How do we pay off the bet?

We can't just say there was a bet and then not show off the bet.' So there were months of discussion about that.

xoxo," Cook jokingly responded before the actor tweeted back, "You took the brownie?!?! " proved to be one of the most popular teen movies of the 1990s, earning 3 million on a million budget.

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