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Why enjoy a normal ol' blind date when you could go on a blind date chaperoned by your ex?

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Once you've hunted down your prey, you put on your best late 90s/early 00s date-wear: a shiny suit with flipflops and hairgel if you're male; a calf-length A-line denim skirt and halter top if you're female. The date is so boozy, you temporarily forget that choosing someone on looks alone doesn't mean you'll hit it off. Blind date ITV 1985-2003 What you're missing: All you want in life' is to hear Our Graham announce your name as you walk on set.

Chances of getting laid: high, but you'll be too drunk to remember it the next day. If you have to choose one of three strangers only by asking them banal questions to which they respond in tortuous wordplay, so be it. You arrange your face into an expression which you hope won't betray either disappointment or arousal when a backstage minion cranks away the screen to reveal..wild card wearing a tam o'shanter and lederhosen. Should have gone for the boring option rather than being swayed by the whoops of the audience.

Satellite broadcaster Sky has placed adverts asking: "Do you go for the same men?

Fifteen years ago, that was a question that had zero cultural significance.

The viewing figure for each show represents the highest-rated episode of the series.

To address this, we have carved our list up into three sections: Pay-TV and specialist channels; smaller terrestrial channels; and the big boys — BBC1 and ITV.

Dating shows and teen sex Of the 176 reality shows in pre-production for next year, 25 are looking for "feuding families", 13 are based on sex, 12 are dating shows, 12 are looking at obese people and three at teen sex. We're looking for single yummy mummies and their luscious daughters for a series that pits mothers and daughters against each other."Tasteless Liberal Democrat culture spokesman Don Foster said: "The public has already called for fewer reality TV shows. Mr Foster said that if the rate of increase continued, "we will have wall-to-wall reality TV by next Christmas".

One programme-maker wants mothers and daughters to compete against each other in a "fun new dating show". But it looks as if we're to be saturated with yet more programmes playing to the lowest common denominator."These exploitative shows are tasteless and reminiscent of the degrading American dance marathons during the Depression."A show that aims to set mothers and daughters against each other as dating rivals is plumbing new depths of tastelessness."Last year, the number of reality TV shows more than doubled.

They involve themselves with the lives of these people, making the shows actually influential.

Here we put a list of our most favorite 10 reality TV shows.

Viewers face a glut of reality shows with broadcasters working on more than 170 programmes aimed at provoking controversy and outrage.

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