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While the draft bill has not been passed, members of Fidesz (the right-wing governmental party) abstained at the vote instead of rejecting it.In light of this “soft yes” vote and historical patterns of Jobbik recommendations being implemented by Fidesz, a similar bill will likely pass eventually.

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Bérengère Houdou, head of the lunar exploration group at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (Estec), agrees.

He said there are “discussions at international level” for “broad cooperation on how to go back to the Moon." Although Roscosmos is leading the project, the Esa are developing new landing equipment, as well as a reinforced drill that scientists hope will allow them to investigate the moon’s ice.

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Researchers believe the previously unexplored south pole, parts of which are constantly shrouded in darkness, contain ice which may become a future resource.

Esa will also provide a mini-laboratory, named Pro SPA, which will be used by astronauts to evaluate their findings.Some people are glued to their smart phones, others look away, and some others simply focus on their thoughts. Personal space of Russians is truly smaller than, for example, that of Finns.But it is bigger than that of Chinese, for instance.The draft is unapologetically similar to Russia’s, referring to Putin’s Foreign Agent Law as the model and arguing that this legislation is necessary given the soft power tools that Western powers (especially the United States) use to extend their influence.Ironically, while Jobbik is arguing against external influences, the party appears to have its own foreign funding through extensive ties to the Kremlin..Led by the Russian federal space agency Roscosmos, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) the project is a continuation of the 1970s exploration programme of the moon.

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