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Giggs' first affair was with his brother's ex-wife Natasha (left) and his second was with model Imogen Thomas (right).

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2010 - 2010Footballer Ryan Giggs' extramarital affair with Imogen Thomas was outed in the press after he successfully had an anonymized gag order placed on the story and his name came out anyway in May, 2011.

He is currently locked in a high court battle with estranged wife Stacey Cooke.

The married, father-of-two has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks after claims of extramarital affairs with two different women, including his sister-in-law, and his use of the controversial privacy injunction.

The third alleged woman Giggs is accused of having an affair with is said to have first participated in a one-night stand with the footballer after meeting at the Living Room bar, in Manchester, before continuing the trysts for a further two years.

He also once dated Gardner’s sister, Emma, before getting her pregnant. Many expected Ryan to marry Emma, but in 2002 Stacey fell pregnant with their daughter, Liberty, and he proposed.

But at the beginning of their 10-year relationship Ryan allegedly cheated with it-girl Caroline Stanbury.“This was no one-night stand,’ a source close to the woman, who is said to be represented by Max Clifford, the publicist, told the Daily Mail.“The two of them had a lasting relationship which went on for two years.A Sunday newspaper claimed that she met the footballer in a nightclub in March 2003, before she married his brother, and that the affair had continued until April this year. “He had the perfect family but he still wasn’t satisfied.” Giggs, who earns more than £80,000 a week, and his brother were reported to have had a furious telephone row over claims that the soccer star had an affair with his sister-in-law. “If Stacey has any self-respect she will show him the door and take him to the cleaners. (Ryan) has made his bed and he’s going to lie in it alone, for the time being anyway.” The further claims of another affair came a day after marketing experts claimed he could become Britain’s version of Tiger Woods.She announced the alleged affair through Mr Clifford, the publicist, after learning of Giggs' relationship with Imogen Thomas, a former Big Brother reality television star. “One thing’s for sure, he can’t keep his trousers up and he needs help for it.” Mrs Wilson, who is the sister of Ryan and his Rhodri’s father, Danny Wilson, a 55 year-old former rugby star, added: “He might have a sex addiction. Mrs Wilson added: “He’s betrayed his beautiful wife and his beautiful children. The whole family is gutted for Rhodri.” She told the newspaper that his brother will “never forgive” him despite becoming so close. Giggs was awarded an OBE in 2007 and is one of the Premier League's most successful footballers.Only worsening his reputation as a serial ladies man, television personality Katie Price recently claimed that she too was the recipient of the footballer's attention during his relationship with Stacey.

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