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Whether your background be Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian, Peruvian, Dominican, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, Chilean, Argentinian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or any other, connect quickly and easily with single hispanic women and men.

If you share a love for hispanic food, Salsa dancing, or latin music and latin culture, Caliente can help connect you with others that share common interests.

And, have you ever noticed how island cultures have a much easier way of living; more laid back, accepting, and a strong "live and let live" mentality.

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Sadly there are people who (wrongly) view dancing as somehow effeminate and feel threatened by the mere mention of men dancing Salsa.

What a shame- nothing could be further from the truth.

“They are all cheaters, they are all womanisers and they are all arrogant as hell” is what you often hear behind the scenes at your local Salsa club.

What are the great things about dating a Salsero, and what are the bad?

It is fun, safe, and makes it quick and easy to meet latin singles in your area, no matter where you may be.

Decide who sees your profile, manage friendships, and get connected with hispanics singles tonight.What could be sexier and more appealing in a partner than that?As a British man, it takes guts to learn to dance Salsa.He’s on his feet all night, he’s moving, he’s sweating and he is keeping that body in tip top shape.He can’t really be a Salsero and a couch potato, can he?OK, it might mean a little bigger entertainment budget but the benefits of getting plugged into the local network are well worth it.

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