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On the Samsung Galaxy S5, the weather widget Accu Weather is installed from stock with which you can always check on your home screen the current weather forecast for a previously defined location.If this weather widget on your Samsung Galaxy S5 suddenly is longer visible on the home screen, then you have probably deleted it by mistake.Others described newly purchasing either S8 model, then transferring data and apps from older Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 4 using the Samsung Switch software app, only to then start experiencing random restart rage.

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Okay is it just me or are smartphones and widgets behind times, the weather widget on my Samsung Nexus does not update, for example it says it's still raining when the rain stopped 3 hours ago in my city and it's sunshine outside, I can calculate that the widget is behind for at least 5 hours.

It says that the temp outside is 40 F but in reality it's already 55 F because it's noon but it's giving me the temp from am (the widget's settings asks you if you want your weather updated every 15, 30 min or 1 hour intervals but it's B.

This will now minimize the home screen and then display various menu buttons to you. Now scroll through the widget pages until the "Weather" widget is displayed.

This widget you can now place by long pressing your finger on it until this hovers and can be placed on the home screen.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is a beautiful device worthy of all the critical acclaim it has received thus far.

But aside from the S Pen features, most of the Note's user interface has a great deal of overlap with the Galaxy S5 that we all know and love.

For the Sprint, T-Mobile, and International variants, start by powering your phone completely off.

When the screen goes black, press and hold the through a custom recovery, be sure to create a backup.

But this is not a problem because you can add the weather widget very easily as follows to your home screen again.

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