Sccm 2016 software inventory not updating

Understanding how data is collected and stored within the site database can help you produce SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports that expose this raw data. There are several SQL views for collection classes—one for each collection within your environment. User_Name0FROM dbo.v_R_System_Valid RV INNER JOIN dbo.v_Full Collection Membership FCM ON RV. Resource ID INNER JOIN dbo.v_Collection Coll ON FCM.

This chapter discusses the major Config Mgr data classes and how those classes are used, and it outlines some sample SQL views and queries. From an administrator’s perspective, however, there are only two SQL views you need to use, as shown in Table 3.9.

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A list of computers can be provided either from a file (XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT), loaded from SCCM collection or simply entered as a text into a text area.

The main goal for creating this tool was to have something simple that doesn’t have any prerequisites and doesn’t require installation. It’s an alternative to SCCM console and right-click tools because it’s not always possible to install SCCM console everywhere and manage clients in closed environments.

Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) allows system admins to manage large groups of client operating systems.

In addition, it provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, and hardware and software inventory.

Other new tools to help IT admins include new script commands, a Mac Client push installation and inventory collection.

Parallels Mac Management 5.0 for Microsoft SCCM empowers IT administrators and system architects, as well as CIOs, to quickly and cost-effectively extend their current Microsoft SCCM infrastructure to control Mac and PC computers through one interface.

He also shows how to deploy operating systems (including Windows 10), distribute software, and use SCCM for mobile device management.

The course concludes with instructions for using SCCM for asset inventory, and to monitor software and application distributions.

Currently we have not created any collection and we will take a look at the default settings and will know what each setting does.

If you have worked on Configuration Manager 2007 the client settings were specific to a single site.

Before discussing how to write reports, let’s take a few steps back and consider where Configuration Manager (Config Mgr) stores its inventory data and how to find that information. State Name TIP: State Messages Refer to a list of topic types and their state messages reported by Config Mgr clients.

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