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Hi, When I run the following XML importing code I get a message box saying: "The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Protect Password:="temp", _ Drawing Objects:=False, _ Contents:=True, _ Scenarios:=False Active Sheet.

screenupdating excel false-83

Now I set a variable called opentime to be equal to the current time.

Next a call is made to run the update_demo subroutine which selects 10,001 cells and then ends.

Excel wastes a lot of time showing you the changes it is making and honestly there is no reason to watch your code execute, I remember running some report generation code that took a good ten times longer than it would if only the programmer had included Application. So always turn off screenupdating, your users will thank you.

This code block sets up what happens when the buttons on Sheet1 are clicked.

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Many thanks if you can help Matt Sub Test() Application. I've protected the sheet because it contains a lot of formula's. I have a sheet with raw data a sheet with pivot tables a sheet with a dashboard and a simple macro I don't have any #REF cells either. I have set up an auto-execute macro which automatically sets the zoom factor to best fit, for several of the worksheets, and this works fine. Code: By repeating this code for each worksheet, I can make each one be zoomed just right.

When a user double-clicks a row it triggers the code through the Workbook_Sheet Before Double Click event. However, the file contains 8 sheets that are all identically laid out, except the number of rows is different.

Now, if I want to run the output more than once, I get an message asking if I want to overwrite the existing file (which I always do). I have a worksheet that is locked and protected now, except for cells in a certain collumn. If a user enters a date in a cell or range of cells anywhere in the column, the changed cells also need to be locked and protected (Once they enter a date, it is not allowed EVER to be changed again. I could also specify a range on each worksheet that was similar to the appropriate range on the longest worksheet, and zoom that automatically, but that's not ideal either, because some of the row heights vary from sheet to sheet, and again I'll end up with different font sizes. Hi all, I have written some code that when a button is selected will Refresh a Data Query Table and all of it's information.

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