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Because of taxonomic confusion and the probability of crytic undescribed taxa included within the nomen is probably overly broad.

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For (triphasic), estradiol can also induce changes in the EOD waveform, although not as dramatic as that for androgens.

Changes in EOD duration and power spectra are often accompanied by an alteration of the wave-shape or ‘morphology’ of the EOD pulse, i.e., the relative amplitude of its peaks and the presence of inflection points in its negative and positive phases.

How do the direct relations between women and men – as friends, brothers and sisters, lovers, spouses, parents and children, colleagues, bosses and employees – depend on the social positions of women and men? In this course, we aim to learn how to assess the major social and intellectual questions raised by the issue of gender inequality.

Through reading and discussion, and through critically examining our own lives, we will build our analytical tools to understand and talk about sex inequality knowledgeably and perceptively.

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Field studies have demonstrated that several species of mormyrid fish from Gabon, West Africa have a sex difference in the pulse-like waveform of their Electric Organ Discharge (EOD).(1984), Talwar and Jhingran (1992), and Kottelat et al. 189-213 New directions in research, management and conservation of Hawaiian freshwater stream ecosystems. (1993); characteristics were also provided by Smith (1945) and Merrick and Schmida (1984). Proceedings of the 1990 symposium on freshwater stream biology and fisheries management, Division of Aquatic Resources, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. We will also try to expand our general skills in theoretical criticism and social analysis.In brief, we all should expect to attend class consistently and punctually, join in class discussions, write regularly about the ways our lives illustrate or challenge the ideas we study, prepare a "gender social biography" for a term paper, take brief quizzes on each topic, and take a final exam.This eel was included in keys of Rosen and Greenwood (1976), Talwar and Jhingran (1992), and Kottelat et al. Most individuals in Florida are olive-drab brown in color with yellow-orange bellies (as shown above). Disturbances and fluctuations in the Wahiawa Reservoir ecosystem. Division of Aquatic Resources, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

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