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Delaunay, in his Thuileur, 1813, makes him King of Tyre, calls him Mahakah, and adds a Latin word, Compressus, as further explanation, the meaning evidently being to bring together. The working tools are the Mallet and Indenting Chisel, which see. The Mark Master's Degree is now given in England under the authority of the Grand Lodge of Mark Masters, which was established in June, 1856 and is a Jurisdiction independent of the Grand Lodge.

Masonic writers have generally given to this word the meaning of "is smitten," deriving it probably from the Hebrew verb macha, to smite. The officers are the same as in America, with the addition of a Chaplain, Director of Ceremonies, Assistant Director, Registrar of Marks, Inner Guard or Time Keeper, and two Stewards. Brother Hughan says that the Degree is virtually the same in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

In First Kings ii, 39, we find it recorded that two of the servants of Shimei fled from Jerusalem to "Achish, son of Maachah king of Gath." There can be little doubt that the carelessness of the early copyists of the Ritual led to the double error of putting Cheth for Gath and of supposing that Maacha was its king instead of its king's father. In America, the Mark Master's is the first Degree given in a Royal Arch Chapter.

The manuscripts of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, too often copied by unlearned persons, show many such corruptions of Hebrew names, which modern researches must eventually correct. Its officers are a Right Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior Wardens, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior and Junior Deacons, Master, Senior and Junior Overseers The Degree cannot be conferred when less than six are present, who, in that case, must be the first and last three officers above named.The same day Dolly Parton was a guest judge on "The Voice" with her god-daughter and Pizza lover Miley Cyrus (Cyrus=Koreish=Quyraish bedouins of Mecca, the Ishmaeli-Edomite fale priests of Num 16 who taught worship of Azazel "Goat that departs" or "Wilderness/Desert Goat".Nov 29 was also the day the US declared war on Syria (Amurru) with HR 5732 "Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act" a fancy term for a "No-Fly Zone".The Ark of Gabriel is a myth, containing the last instructions Angel Gabriel (Mormons are taught the Book of Mormon originated with Gabriel giving instructions to Joseph Smith) wrote to Muhammad which were allegedly put in an Ark of "Immense Power" under the Kaaba of Mecca (Kaaba "Enclosure" of the Black Stone aka Head of Aphrodite Mecca=Adultery; Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca are the "Korahite Priests" of Num 16), considered the "Place where Angels worshipped before the creation of Man" (Bible says Abraham and Sarah cast out Hagar and Ishmael there) to be unearthed at Yawn al-Qiyamah "Day of Ressurection".Jesuit Pope Francis then met Patriarch Kirill in Cuba Feb 12, 2016 making a joint declaration; healing the 1000 Yr old Schism.he was married to my gg grandmother august dolph ward in 1871name is in the 1900 census (wayne) and she is living with her son stanley ward. (the first one) i believe elias was previously married also. Patricia Ward Brown, 41 Brown Road, Pittsfield, PA 16340 [email protected] for Hattie Couch (Morey) in 1900 census death record. Which I also found David and Mary Elizabeth little living nearby.

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