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Prosecutors would not say Thursday which online dating services Peterson used.

However, he had profiles on at least two online dating sites, and

Gregory Nathan Peterson, 37, of Orem, was charged Wednesday with seven counts of rape, three counts of object rape, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, nine counts of forcible sexual abuse, forcible sodomy, assault, burglary and sexual battery.

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A teen heir to the multimillion-dollar Doris Duke fortune spiked his bodyguard’s food with a dangerously large helping of the super-spicy “ghost pepper” as part of a prank that left the man hospitalized, a lawsuit alleges.

Patterson Inman, the 17-year-old grandnephew of the late tobacco heiress, sprinkled the potent chili into meatloaf served to private security guard Steven Ketter in 2013 at the family’s Utah home, the guard claims in his lawsuit.

The pepper — which is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce — left Ketter writhing in pain and coughing, as the wealthy teen chuckled, the suit said. Ketter had pre-existing health issues that could be severely exacerbated by a substance such as ghost pepper oil,” says the Summit County, Utah, suit, which seeks unspecified damages from Inman and his mother, Daisha.

Ridge Pine Drive, the same place where prosecutors allege he took at least two women after kidnapping them and then raped them.

One of those attacks, according to investigators, happened just one day after a political event.

“Despite such knowledge, Patterson decided to entertain himself and get his kicks by spiking the meatloaf glaze, and then take twisted pleasure in watching the pain and suffering it would inflict on Mr.

Ketter.” When the guard drank water to ease the pain, he suffered a “severe coughing attack” that led to a “bilateral [abdominal] hernia” requiring surgery, according to court papers.

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