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The series has run at Sports on Earth this week in four installments of 25: On Monday, we covered coaches 100-76 in the series in Part I. Among other things, we've taken into account wins, winning percentage, national championships, AP poll finishes, postseason appearances, influence on strategy, staying power, Sports-Reference's SRS and the coaching context (comparing accomplishments to other coaches at a school or schools with similar profiles).

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Also, to be considered, candidates must have at least eight years of head coaching experience (which excludes Jimbo Fisher and Chip Kelly … College football will celebrate its 150 anniversary three years from now, meaning that there is a long, long list of possible candidates.

One-hundred is a nice round number, but it's still an arbitrary one, and thus many deserving candidates had to be left out.

See more » A nuclear explosion could not be passed off by the government as an earthquake.

Non-government seismographs around the world would be able to tell the difference between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion.

ازدواج همجنس‌گرایان در برخی از کشورها مانند مکزیک تنها در برخی از مناطق انجام می‌شود.

برخی از کشورها مانند اسرائیل نیز ازدواج‌های زوج‌های همجنسی که در کشورهای دیگر انجام شده باشند را به رسمیت می‌شناسند.ازدواج همجنس‌گرایان به نوعی از ازدواج اطلاق می‌شود که بر اساس آن دو زوج همجنس به صورت قانونی وارد زندگی مشترک می‌شوند.این نوع از ازدواج بر اساس نوع حقوقی که برای این زوج‌ها فراهم می‌کند به چند نوع تقسیم می‌شود که در کامل‌ترین شکل خود، همهٔ حقوق شامل در ازدواج دگرجنسگرایان – از جمله حق سرپرستی فرزند – را به رسمیت می‌شناسد.See more » Broken Arrow is not an original movie, it's an action movie that's made to thrill audiences, not to leave them deep in thought.With Nick Saban winning his fifth national championship in January, Sports on Earth has been determining his current place in history by counting down college football's 100 greatest coaches, leading up to this: ranking the 25 best coaches ever. It is difficult to compare eras and circumstances and longevity vs.The action takes place in Utah's canyon country; a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

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