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If, however, he’s masturbating to porn for many hours per day, his grades have fallen off a cliff, and he is no longer interacting with peers in a healthy way, he may have an issue with sexual compulsivity.

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Facebook exposes a partner to information they might not otherwise ever find, which potentially provokes jealousy.

The jealousy, in turn, leads to greater surveillance of a lover’s Facebook page.

It introduces a panoptical into romance: In the past, lovers weren’t subjected to “daily scrutiny in their exchanges” by their “social circle.” Facebook makes it easy to connect with past romantic partners, which can stoke jealousy.

In (coming out in paperback in May) I call this the “sexual uncanny:” The ghosts of relationships past come to haunt the present.

Teens, by nature, are curious about sex, often to an extreme.

Thus, it can be difficult to separate normal adolescent sexual behaviors from addiction. In fact, as the internet has provided increased access to sexual content and contacts, therapists have seen an equal if not larger increase in adolescent sexual addiction.

Typically, the first thing I have to talk about is the difference between normal teen behaviors and addiction.

For instance, a boy who masturbates to pornography most nights of the week without a negative impact on his grades, his socialization, or any other important aspect of his life is probably not addicted, regardless of how his parents feel about his online behavior.

Basically, kids now have access to all sorts of hyper-intense sexual stimulation that their parents were not exposed to, and at least a few of them are getting hooked.

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