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READ MORE: * 'Shocking' pornography found at Australian priest's house * US priest gets 17 years for molesting Honduras street kids * Priests removed from Irish seminary over gay sex app claims The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island released a statement condemning his acts and relieving him of religious duties after his arrest."The diocese and the entire Episcopal Church have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to criminal conduct of any kind," said Bishop Lawrence Provenzano."As a result of these allegations, I have today terminated Father King's license to function as an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Long Island."King had been licensed as a priest at the diocese since 2001 and was, at the time of his arrest, serving as the priest-in-charge of another church in Long Beach.

"We were having lunch and as the starter arrived he launched into it.

I value what I have and I'm not going to worry about complicated things at the moment.

Seedfeeder is a pseudonymous illustrator known for contributing sexually explicit drawings to Wikipedia.

A US priest has been arrested after police found child sex images and illicit drugs in his possession, based on a tip-off.

Christopher King, 51, had a large collection of graphic material depicting boys below the age of 16 engaging in sex acts with adults, a police document stated.I was like: 'Bugger I've got main and dessert to go - I'm stuck here!' "Then his PA came over with a confidentiality contract.I still have the text, because he is not pinning that on me thank you very much. It's just sad, everyone thinks the grass is always greener." But Miss Klass, who is the face of retailer Marks and Spencer, said she couldn't be tempted to cheat - even by a Hollywood superstar.She added: "Look at all these break-ups and cheating at the moment.Lamar acknowledged their educational value but criticized them for being too pornographic for pedagogical purposes.

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